After the summerbreak let’s make again ;)

The summertime has passed and new projects are coming up!

That’s a water valve in my cellar for the garden irrigation. I’ve had the problem that somebody opened the outside faucet at night 2 times this summer. Damn idiot!! (sorry …^^) To avoid abuse I now open the valve with the green lever before watering, but I now need to go down to the cellar and open the valve by hand – that’s really annoying!


Some weeks ago I was recycling an old washing machine and examined a solenoid valve at the water inlet.
I was inspired and ordered a solenoid valve with water flow sensor at aliexpress. Here’s what it actually looks like :


Not really finished yet – still need to connect to an Wemos D1mini ESP chip with ESPimatic – I really love it 😉
For switching the valve I will use a 5V relais. ESPimatic has a kWh pulse counter. I will try to hijack this for the water flow sensor. I just want to know when water is flowing at daytime and notice me via pushover, I do not need to know the amount of water that went through the pipe, just a flow/stop (true/false boolean) is good enough. At night the solenoid valve will shut the water connection via pimatic rule. Well, and of course a temp sensor in the cellar is a must have when using ESPimatic isn’t it 😉

Well that’s all for now.
Hopefully I can finish this project within the next days.

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