CAUTION! This USB charger can get extremely dangerous

Today my daughter wanted to unplug the below usb charger and it broke apart without any reason!
It would not matter if it just broke apart, but the following situation appeared :

2016-06-21 15.15.51

2016-06-21 15.17.54

The serious thing is the following – have a look at the picture and judge from what you see …

2016-06-21 15.19.26

2016-06-21 15.18.09

As you see, the metal pins with high voltage on it (230V in Europe …) are uncovered and the plug itself sticks to the power outlet!! Usually the pcb is sitting on these pins and takes over the power from them to convert to USB friendly 5V. But as the pcb is not soldered, it is sitting very slacky on the pins and will be jammed in the housing when falling apart …

2016-06-21 15.20.26

So be careful and consider to remove these devices if you are plugging them frequently.

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