What’s new on v0.9 // #2

Here’s another sneak peek what v0.9 has to show off!

The plugin config editor 🙂
On v0.8 you were already able to browse and install/deinstall plugins via GUI.
But now on v0.9 you can also edit the plugin settings in the GUI directly!

Check it out!
Here is the overview of all installed plugins. (having German as standard language, the translation of some words still needs improvement)


Here you can see the plugin config editor of the homeduino plugin. You are able to change all available settings.


And the last view is the plugin browser where you can see all available plugins and their state.
As you can see, there are badges that tell you if a plugin is installed, loaded, active or compatible with v0.9



The whole plugin section got a very nice rework indeed!


2 thoughts on “What’s new on v0.9 // #2

  1. Hello leader Chris here.
    Is there a new Web-frontend too?
    Can you post some pictures of you GUI.


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